You’ve been yearning for the Pacific for far too long.

You’ve seen it printed in glossy magazines and while browsing social media.
You’ve enviously eyed photos of carefree travelers lounging in hammocks or hiking along volcanic ridges.

Exotic islands, rising from water so blue it looks unreal.
Lush volcanic mountains, adorned with waterfalls.
White sandy beaches, with barely anyone else in sight.

Want to kayak with the humpback whales in Maui, or skydive over Bora Bora?
Or maybe you just want to lie on the beach, cold drink in hand, under the warm Pacific sun.

Whatever experience you choose, the most important aspect is making sure it all unfolds without a single worry on your part.

These islands can offer you anything you desire - from authentic adventures to relaxation and luxury - but the choices can be dizzying.

Your time is valuable, and why waste that time anxiously poring over travel details? It’s overwhelming - there are so many choices, a million reviews to read through, and after hours of research, you’re no closer to planting your toes in the sand. Why risk it?

Working with a professional eliminates that risk, and more importantly, it eliminates the stress.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect vacation. What do you envision when you daydream about these islands?
I’m willing to bet the stress of planning isn’t a part of the fantasy.

Malihini Travel’s primary mission is making these seemingly far-off lands a reality for you. As a travel professional and destination specialist, I will work one-on-one with you to design the custom vacation you’ve been craving.

The choice is yours - forever remain a stranger to the magic of the Pacific or become a malihini of the islands. You know you’ve been missing out, otherwise what would have brought you here?

Dreaming about it won’t make it real. Malihini Travel will.