With 6 major islands to choose from, the island chain of Hawaii is a tropical playground. From the slower pace of Moloka'i to the big city feel of Honolulu's famous Waikīkī neighborhood, there's a setting for every type of traveler. The aloha spirit saturates every corner of these islands, welcoming all who arrive. But there's more to Hawaii than grass skirts and flower leis. Sitting in a kayak while humpback whales swim below, or watching a traditional hula dance will leave you speechless and bring you back for more over and over again. The slower paced life of a culture who honors their heritage and homeland gives Hawaii a magical feel that can't be matched on the mainland...

Big Beach Maui

Set in the North Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian islands are the most remote archipelago in the world. With 6 accessible islands, Hawaii is far away from everything you know, but has everything you need. No currency exchange, passports, or foreign language are needed to enjoy Hawaii. From the oldest island of Kaua’i to the ever expanding island of Hawai’i, there is truly an island for every traveler.

Kauai Sunset


  • White, black, green, and red sand - beaches in every color

  • Lush ancient volcanic landscapes bordered by beaches and deep blue seas

  • Proud Hawaiian heritage, traditions, and cultures

  • A warm aloha spirit, welcoming all to the islands

  • Convenience of domestic travel with the appeal of far away lands

  • Kaua’i: The oldest island is where you can find true Hawaii. Reveling at the sharp ridges of the Na Pali coast, sunset chasing at Polihale, or browsing the shops in Hanalei are only some of the magnificent activities to add to your itinerary.

  • O’ahu: The iconic coastline of Waikiki isn’t the only tourist stop you should consider on O’ahu. Consider visiting the energetic North Shore surf scene or the white stretches of sand at Waimanalo Beach on Hawaii’s most populated island.

  • Moloka’i: Once a leper colony, Moloka’i is a quiet island with an incredible history.

  • Lana’i: Long after its hisory of pineapple production ended, Lana’i is now home to upscale resorts.

  • Maui: Spend the morning in the mountains surrounded by lavender, and the afternoon learning to surf on this incredibly diverse and beautiful island.

  • Hawai’i: More commonly known as the Big Island, Hawai’i lives up to its name. The landscape is always evolving, as the Kilauea volcano continues to erupt.

  • Ni’ihau and Kaho’olawe: Two islands within the Hawaiian chain that are not open to visitors, but have a history and cultural signifcance of their own. These revered islands can be seen from the coasts of Kauai and Maui, respectively.

Kayaking With Whales

Culture and Events

Best Time To Visit

Hawaii is an ideal year-round destination. The "best time" to visit depends on your vacation needs and wants. Overall, the best time to visit the islands falls between December and May for stable weather and whale watching. The weather can vary greatly from island to island, and even on different sides of the same island. But even if it rains, it presents a great opportunity to go rainbow hunting. 

Video courtesy of GoHawaii.com.

When the sun sunk down, it was tranced luxury to sit in the perfumed air and forget that there was any world but these enchanted islands.
— Mark Twain


Sample Itinerary: 2 Weeks, 4 Island Experiences

Day 1-6: Maui

  • Fly into Maui’s Kahului Airport and settle in at the Royal Lahaina Resort

  • Enjoy local food trucks and a block party atmosphere at the island's Friday parties

  • Take in a round of golf at the Kapalua Plantation Course - home of the PGA Tour’s Tournament of Champions

  • Kayak with whales, stargaze from Mount Haleakala, learn to surf, or take in a luau

Day 3: Lana’i

  • Day trip from Maui to Lana’i via chartered catamaran - snorkel and picnic on Hulopo’e Beach, and possibly catch a glimpse of Hawaii's famed spinner dolphins

Day 6-9: Moloka’i

  • Take a quick flight from Maui to Moloka'i and stay at the Hotel Moloka’i

  • Spend a day taking in the culturally significant Halawa Valley on a guided hike

  • Lounge on Papohaku Beach - one of Hawaii’s largest beaches

  • Take a guided mule ride tour down into Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Day 9-14: Kaua'i

  • Fly to Kaua’i and relax at the stunning Sheraton Kauai Resort on the south shore

  • Sunbathe with the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals at Poipu Beach or head to Polihale Beach for sunset along the Na Pali coast

  • Hike the first part of the famed Kalalau Trail from Ke’e Beach to Hanakapi’ai Beach

  • Take a doors-off helicopter ride over the Waimea Canyon and see the spires of the Na Pali coast from the sky