I don't live in Michigan - can I still work with you to book my vacation?
I am based in Michigan, but I can work with clients from anywhere in the United States. Thanks to modern technology, we can get to know one another via phone, email, or video chat - whatever works for you! When it comes time to deliver your documents and itinerary, you'll receive an electronic copy of the itinerary, and your travel packet will be mailed via FedEx with tracking.

Do you only plan travel for couples?
Nope! I'll work with anyone who wants to experience the magic of the Pacific. Whether you're a solo traveler or a smaller group, I can accommodate every kind of vacation. From adventure to luxury, and everything in between, your vacation can be exactly as you envision it. Please contact me for more details.

Do people really still use travel agents?
Yes they do! In addition to taking the stress off of you to plan a perfect trip, hiring a professional is common sense. You wouldn't have your dentist fix your car or a plumber cut your hair, right? A quick google search shows how prevalent and relevant travel professionals still are, even in this world of high-speed internet. I focus on only a few destinations, with the goal to know everything I can about them. Hours on the internet won't even get you close to that kind of expertise. Here's a great article about why you need to hire a travel professional!

But you charge a fee, and that adds to my vacation cost, right?
While I do charge fees, as do most travel professionals today, the value is obvious once you begin the planning process and arrive at your destination. I was skeptical too, until I used a travel concierge to plan a 3 week vacation to the islands of French Polynesia. There is no doubt in my mind that our trip was the exceptional experience it was because of her expertise and knowledge of the islands. In all likelihood, a travel professional will also end up saving you money, in more ways than one. Here are two great articles about how a travel agent can save you money in the long run - check them out here and here.