Whenever we’ve taken off on a vacation, we’ve gotten the question, “What’s the occasion?”

This has always perplexed me because I don’t need a special occasion to travel. The special occasion is being alive and able to travel with the one I love. But during this week of mushy greeting cards, roses, and chocolate, let me give you some lovey-dovey reasons to travel with your most beloved.

Smiling couple in Rangiroa French Polynesia


Let’s start with the obvious. Romance travel is synonymous with honeymoons. You’ve just spent months stressing out over centerpieces, so what’s a better way to celebrate than retreating to the far western coast of Australia - far, far away from centerpieces.


Lounge in your luxury safari tent where Western Australia meets the Indian Ocean at the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Resort. Swim with the migrating humpbacks, and then spend the night stargazing in one of the most remote, darkest corners of the country. You won’t be bothered by anyone, because Wifi is non-existent out here. But don’t despair - the locally sourced wine and nightly farm-to-table meals will keep you happily distracted from lack of cell service.

Sunset over lagoon in Rangiroa French Polynesia


After 10, 20, 30 or more years of asking your wonderful partner to please, please, pleeeease put their socks in the hamper, you both deserve to celebrate. No socks will be needed on the exotic island of Taha’a, that’s for sure.


Celebrate with 5-star accommodations and stay at the unimaginably beautiful Le Taha’a Resort. Spend your morning drift snorkeling in the crystal clear lagoon, and your afternoon in the Tavai Spa. Sip drinks from your private deck as the sun sinks behind Bora Bora in the distance. Bring home souvenirs from your relaxing and romantic stay - pearls and fresh vanilla are favored mementos of these islands.

Two lounge chairs on patio in Bora Bora


Before two become three (or four, or five!) celebrating one last vacation together is basically on the “prepping for baby” checklist - or at least it should be. Splurge one last time before allocating your money to diapers at an adult-only resort on the south shore of the Valley Isle.


Check in to the Hotel Wailea Relais and Chateaux, situated perfectly for taking in Hawaiian sunsets. Treat yourself to a massage from the comfort of your very own suite, followed by a romantic dinner for two in the Treehouse. Tan that growing baby bump on Big Beach. Start getting used to early mornings and catch the sunrise from Haleakala.

Pregnant belly on beach in Hawaii

Traveling for special events is lovely, but a word to the wise: don’t wait for a special occasion to travel. Your 12th anniversary is just as important as your 25th. The second baby is just as exciting as the first. Travel for the sake of travel, not a date on the calendar. But if romance is on your mind this week, then by all means, travel because of love, with your love.

No matter what destination you choose, you’re going to need to pack. I’ve made that easy for you. Click below for my free downloadable PDF and get packing!