Did you really think I’d post about why not to hire me without telling you why you should?

There are clients who are my literal travel soul mates. Think you might be one of them?

Here’s what my ideal client looks like.



Like most people, you’ve got a lot going on. Between work, family, and everyday life, you have no idea when you’d be able to sit down and comb through thousands of reviews and compare packages into the wee hours. You understand that there are professionals for a reason - they offer services that we shouldn’t be doing on our own. Outsourcing is your jam and you have no problem paying someone to handle the details.


You understand the value of a well-planned, tailor-made itinerary. You appreciate the small nuances that make a vacation that much better. Sure, ocean view might be nice, but after a 12 hour flight, doesn’t oceanfront sound better? It’s not just a week off work for you - it’s an experience. And for you, part of the experience is not worrying about a thing - starting with the planning.


Boarding the plane, knowing that you have all of the necessary documents, confirmations, and those “I almost forgot to pack that!” items? Priceless. You hired a travel advisor, so everything has been taken care of for you. You rest easy knowing that if something does go awry, you have an immediate contact person to go to bat for you. And those VIP amenities I arranged for you? Not a bad perk either.


Let me tell you what makes my day: getting an inquiry for the Pacific. Listen, I’ll consider other destinations. I’ve planned for the Caribbean and Central America and enjoyed it! But there are areas of the world that just light me up. You’re going to get the best version of me when I’m planning an itinerary for the destinations I’ve chosen to specialize in.


There’s a great Warren Buffett quote that perfectly applies here.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

You don’t have to be wealthy to hire and work with a travel advisor. You do have to be flexible and reasonable - if your travel advisor tells you the budget isn’t going to work, you have to trust that advice. Budgets are important, but there’s a catch: it has to be realistic. What’s important is marrying together the vacation you want with a realistic budget you have, all while keeping value in mind. At the end of the day, my clients are people who focus on value - the big picture of the vacation - and they aren’t getting hung up on every dollar. When travel is done right, you aren’t laying on the beach thinking about the cost, I promise you that.


I can’t stress enough how important my clients are to me. There’s a reason I wake up everyday between 5-6 AM to get to my desk, and let me tell you - it’s not the pay. It’s because I LOVE what I do and I love making people happy while doing it. If you come to the table with trust in what I do and what I know, then we’re going to make a great team. Some people are turned off by the “sales” side of things - but here’s what most people are forgetting. I’m selling you time, convenience, and value. Those are 3 commodities you can’t just find anywhere.

I had never used a travel planner before, and had always thought “I can plan my own trip, why would I pay someone to do it for me?” After this, however, my wife and I may never go back to planning our own trips! It was such a relief to have the transportation, lodging, food, and events all researched and provided to us; all we had to do was choose the options that we were most interested in. Malihini Travel is an extraordinary value not only for the time it saves you in not having to look at flights, hotels, restaurants, etc., but their knowledge of the best places to go during your destination ensures you’re getting the best trip possible.
— Clients PN + KN

Are you my perfect client? Then let’s get started.